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Baby Bullies 12 was established in 2012 in Lithonia, GA. Our love for English Bulldogs inspired our vision for our business. We have used our passion to be able to provide English Bulldog puppies for sale in Georgia with warm & loving forever homes.

We have had the honor of being able to not only place our puppies in local Georgia homes, but also through out the US. Our puppies at Baby Bullies 12 are adorable, loving & affectionate pups who just want to be LOVED! As we continue to strive to place our puppies with loving forever homes and families. Here at Baby Bullies 12 our goal is to build lasting realationships with families. We hope your family will also become apart of the Baby Bullies 12 family!

English Bulldogs Puppies

Don't get SCAMMED

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." This saying is so true and it has been said for a very long time. But just like this old saying, people have been taking advantage and stealing from people for even longer. So called "breeders" will put pictures online of cute English Bulldog puppies for sale in Georgia that they Do Not OWN.

These scammers will steal other real breeders pictures and use them as their own in order to take advantage of unsuspecting families. These families will be so in LOVE with the puppy cuteness that they will give the scammer a generous deposit to "hold" the puppy. But in the end the scammer steals the familiy's deposit and the family is left with no puppy and their money stolen. Please make sure that you don't get scammed and do your due deligence before considering a english bulldog breeder.

  • The History of English Bulldogs

    The history of the English Bulldog is as unique as its distinctive face. First bred in England as a cross between the pug and the mastiff, the Bulldog's main purpose was as an entertainment dog in the sport of bull-baiting, a popular game during the Middle Ages -- from the 1200s through the mid 1800s, when it was outlawed by an act of Parliament.(

  • Physical Characteristics

    The English Bulldog's low-slung, heavy, thick-set body, along with its broad shoulders, provides a low center of gravity, allowing the Bulldog to crawl close to the ground, originally useful for staying out of range of a bulls horns.Even the loose-jointed, rolling and shuffling gait are a result of this selection, since the dog needed to be able to withstand severe shaking and thumping without having its spine or ribs broken. In addition, the Bulldog needed to have the ability to move swiftly and to make sudden leaps, which accounts for its surprising dexterity. The coat is glossy and fine, with standard colors including, red, white, yellow or a combination of these colors. (

  • Health

    The average lifespan for an English Bulldog is between 8 and 12 years. It is a member of the brachycephalic breed class, meaning that is has a short head and snout. This physical characteristic can lead to a number of possible health challenges, including those of the nose, eyes, teeth, and respiratory system. Some of the major health problems the Bulldog is susceptible to are keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), ventricular septal defect, canine hip dysplasia (CHD), shoulder luxation, internalized tail, stenotic nares, and elongated soft palate. The Bulldog has also been known to suffer from urethral prolapse or vaginal hyperplasia occasionally. Some minor problems affecting Bulldogs include entropion, cherry eye, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, distichiasis, ectropion, and demodicosis.(

  • Care

    The folds around the tail and facial wrinkles should be cleaned every day to prevent build up of dirt or rubbish. Failure to perform this regularly can lead to dermatitis an infection of the skin.Bulldogs love their daily outings, however, do not expect them to walk or jog long distances, or dart from great heights. The short-hair and snout of the Bulldog make it sensitive to extremely hot and humid climates, and most do not enjoy swimming. Heat stroke is also more common with this breed. English Bulldogs commonly requires a Caesarean delivery for giving birth -- consult your veterinarian before considering breeding your Bulldog.(


Is an Englisg Bulldog Puppy the right pet for you?

After thinking long and hard about having an English Bulldog puppy as a family pet

Let Baby Bullies 12 be your trusted breeder to provide you and your family with one of our loving, caring, lovable, playful and just the best companions. If you're looking for English Bulldog puppies for sale in Georgia, then you have come to the right place Baby Bullies 12.

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